Armenian Alphabet Scarf
Armenian Alphabet Scarf
Armenian Alphabet Scarf
Armenian Alphabet Scarf

Armenian Alphabet Scarf

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Handmade Silk Scarf - Armenian Alphabet bird letters

Brand; Shoghik

Material: Silk

Size: 26" x 26" ( 66 x 66 cm)

This hand painted silk scarf is made using cold batik technique.

Soft, lightweight.
The edges are hand-rolled and stitched.

Care Instructions: Scarf can be hand washed in cold water with a mild soapy solution or shampoo. Rinse in clear, cold water until all the soap is gone. Then dry flat on a towel or on a padded hanger. Iron if needed with a low-medium temp iron while still slightly damp or steam dry.

The Armenian alphabet is an alphabetical writing system used to write Armenian. It was developed around 405 CE by Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian linguist and ecclesiastical leader, and originally included 36 letters and now includes 39.