Carpets Inscribed in Armenian
History Museum of Armenia

Carpets Inscribed in Armenian

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Carpets Inscribed in Armenian

Carpets with Armenian inscriptions comprise a special group in the rich collection of carpets kept at the History Museum of Armenia. Putting an Armenian lettered commemoration and a dating on an artistic work was an accepted tradition in older times. The dating was often made in Armenian letters or in Arab figures. In this catalogue, the carpets comprise the following groups, according to there ornamental design: dragon carpets, carpets with images, carpets of geometrical motifs and carpets of mixed patterns and carpets of vegetal design.
Title in Armenian Հայերեն արձանագրությամբ գորգեր
Compiler(s) Ionna Avagyan
Translator(s) Aida Frunjyan
Language(s) Armenian, English
Publisher(s) History Museum of Armenia
Year 2010
Pages 60
Binding Paperback
Printing Color
Size 23.5 x 28 cm
ISBN 9789994124671

tags: hayeren ardzanagrutyamb gorger, armenian carpets, gorg, history museum of armenia